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Kitchen Intervention

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Since Heather and I decided to move forward in our desire to eat a more traditional diet we discovered there were many things in our kitchen pantry and refrigerator that were not very nourishing! So for the last few weeks we have been trying to go through our food and either use what is left of a particular product so as not to waste it (and money) or get rid of things that we have decided not to use anymore. This is a good place to start if thinking about incorporating new foods into your diet. Taking a look at what you have already and as things are finished, replacing them with healthier options. This also avoids withdrawals. Instead of going cold turkey all at once, slowly eliminate unhealthy foods while learning which ones are better to replace it with. Things that I have been using up in order to replace with a more wholesome ingredient are:

  • Vegetable oil/Canola oil/Shortening - for information on fats visit here.

  • Sugar- even though I bought organic sugar it is still refined...

  • White flour - I was using this along with whole wheat to achieve a light texture, but no more! I make my own bread so this will be an important flour to replace with something healthier.

  • Low fat milk - the lowest we ever went was 2%, however with babies we have often, with a little guilt, used whole milk while they drink it. Now we drink it because it is better for us. We haven't jumped on the raw milk wagon yet, but we'll see! For more info on milk click here.

  • Canned beans - I use these quite often, but I also realize they are not as good as dry beans. So with a little planning it should be easy to replace these with dry beans that can be soaked and prepared so they are digested well.

  • White rice - I've finished the last of my basmati, jasmine and most of my arborio rice. I am determined to love brown rice and whole grains!

  • Dry milk powder - I use this in my homemade yogurt to help thicken it. However, it is not a healthy food and therefore not something I want to feed my children.

  • Processed lunch meat and factory-farmed grocery store meat and eggs - I have read/seen enough evidence that this is both not healthy and not humane. I want to feed my family good meat and eggs and need to realize the cost and worth ratios will be different.

  • Tortillas - they were made from white flour with far too many added ingredients and hydrogenated oils!

  • Pancake mix - it was too easy to buy the mix from Costco and be set! Again, the ingredient list doesn't look like something my great-grandmother would have recognized.
  • Packaged pudding, jello, ramen noodles - with three children I usually keep one or two of these on hand for those "need something quick" times.

Thankfully my pantry space is limited so I don't keep a well stocked cupboard. Now, I have some clean shelves and can begin filling them with wholesome whole grains, legumes and oils that will become yummy meals for my family. The detox is underway! Keep checking back for updates and to see what we are filling our pantry with now. Feel free to leave a comment!


Hanna said...

Hmmm...I got rid of white rice a few months ago. I've been cutting down on the white flour and white sugar a lot...but I still have them.

Also haven't rid myself of sandwich meat yet.

Every thing else is gone though! I bought my first bags of dry beans earlier this week. I find it easier to be firm at the grocery store than at home, so clearing out the kitchen is very important.

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