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Happy Easter!

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I hope everyone had a nice weekend, and enjoyed their Easter festivities. It was raining where we live, however we had a great day and it was wonderful to spend the day with friends and family.

While we value the time we can fellowship with others, it can also be tricky to navigate when following a "diet". I know the Weston A. Price diet is different than most, but it when eating with others who eat a regular American diet, it can be hard. But since yesterday was Easter I knew it was time to loosen my standards a little and enjoy the day with those who had toiled in the kitchen to make food that would be enjoyed by all. I guess you could say I fell off the bandwagon for a day... And while I sometimes questioned what was in the dish I was eating, I knew the person had made it with love, and I enjoyed every bite! Some days you just have to do that. Put people before food. Relationships are important and when we went to my in-laws later that day, I wanted to appreciate the food and not criticize it. Sure, I put my two cents in when asked about a particular food choice I make, but most of all I wanted to enjoy the evening and put the family first.

Today though, we are back to some soaked oatmeal, and nourishing foods! I had my fill of too sweet deserts and am ready to get back to some nourishing meals! How about everyone else, do you stick to your food principles strictly on holidays or are you lenient?


Aimee said...

Lenient. Allergies and religious considerations aside, my voluntary food choices are no excuse for rudeness. Refusing to eat something that my mother-in-law (or whoever was kind enough to invite me to her house) worked to produce for me would be rude. My diet at home is different from my diet at other people's houses - and restaurants! I have a natural aversion to extremism; I find it's easier to stick to a healthy home-produced diet at home if I cut myself a little slack elsewhere.

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