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Confessions of a Foodie

Posted by Nicole |

My name is Nicole and I am a foodie. I love food, I love cooking food, I love the smell of food. You get the picture. I particularly enjoy cooking with fresh produce and trying new recipes. I try to make meals for my family from scratch and love baking anything and everything. I have a massive sweet tooth and that is partly what lead me to this blog and the upcoming challenge. I need to kick the refined sugar habit! There I've said it (*sigh of relief)! I know it it isn't good for me and I also know the habits I have are forming the way my husband and children feel about and consume food. So with them, my teeth and my health in mind I am commiting to changing the way I think about food, the way I buy and prepare my food and all the while still enjoy the inate pleasure of eating.

My friend Heather and I will attempt to pave the way of what can be an intimidating road of politically incorrect information and old - but - new methods of cooking. We hope you will follow along with us as we start a season of change!


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