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I have to tell you about my new favorite breakfast item: Smoothies! And guess what? They can actually be good for you! Well, if you make them the usual way - with tons of sugar - they wouldn't be too healthy, but with a little creativity you can get your morning off to a yummy, healthy start!

Here are some of my favorite ingredients in a smoothie:
  • Organic bananas, strawberries (or any other fruit that you love!)
  • Almond butter (natural, organic with no yucky stuff like hydrogenated oils!) (I don't do the peanut butter thing, but to each his own, right? Just see the earlier point about no yucky stuff!)
  • Local, raw honey (if you need a little bit more sweet!)
  • Ground flax seeds - do you know how healthy these are for you???
  • Coconut oil (unrefined)
  • Coconut milk (whole, not low-fat)
  • Shredded coconut (unsweetened)
  • Non-homogenized whole milk (or if you've jumped on the raw milk bandwagon - go for that!)
  • Whole yogurt
  • How about a little carob powder - that stuff's pretty good for you (tons more calcium than milk) and a great chocolate substitute!
Things to avoid in your smoothie:
  • Fruit juices (just use the whole fruit instead)
  • Sugar
  • Protien powder (more on this topic to come)
A couple of tips:
  • If using coconut oil or honey you might want to melt it so that you don't have chunks floating around in your smoothie!
  • Another tip is sometimes coconut milk is chunky when you open the can. Try adding it to the blender first and blend until smooth.
  • Try using frozen fruit!

The possibilities are endless... What are some of your favorites?


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