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Culture give away!

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Hi Y'all, I am really excited about this giveaway I came across today... It even brings out my American slang (even though I'm Canadian!). It is from Nourished Kitchen and sponsored by Cultures for Health. I was lurking at this site last week eying the yogurt cultures, in particular the Greek yogurt starter (my fave) and even if I don't win, I hope to purchase some soon. They also have sourdough starters and while we haven't really gotten into the sourdough topic yet, we will and these starters look like a great option to build a repertoire of different flavors of sourdough starters. I particularly want to try the Italian variety and make some pizza!
Anyway, go check it out and enter to win. A great way to try some fermented foods at no cost!


Jenny said...

Thanks for the link through! I like your site.

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